About Us

The Youth Environmental Network of York Region team is composed of young, passionate leaders who represent various schools in York Region. Our team strives to inspire and motivate not only young people but the entire community to take initiative towards improving the environment.

The Creation of YENYR

YENYR was founded in 2007 by Vino Jeyapalan, a Grade 10 student attending Markville Secondary School in Markham. After learning about the alarming rate that York Region was growing as a regional municipality Vino decided that something had to be done to make sure that the environment will be protected as this suburbia continues to grow. Vino then approached York Region Environmental Alliance for support on his idea of creating a youth network within York Region dedicated towards awareness of environmental issues and action. Vino’s desires became a reality when the Youth Environmental Network of York Region was founded.

With only starting off with a team of five students based in Markham YENYR grew to a network with over 300 volunteers. Vino Jeyapalan was recognized as Green Entrepreneur of the Year for 2008 by the Impact Entrepreneurship Group and Ontario Centres of Excellence.

Our Mission


Raise awareness of environmental issues among young people in York Region.


Encourage youth to contribute to the well being of the communities in which they live through local initiatives and action plans.


Facilitate and develop communications and expand membership and cooperation between youth environmental groups throughout York Region.

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