1. Increase ecological awareness throughout our school and community
2. Provide alternative uses for waste (i.e. milk bags, good on one side paper)
3. Work towards waste minimization and energy conservation

Events and Projects

Living Wall: We are currently fund-raising and seeking sponsors to fund our living wall project. We hope to have a living wall installed in the front foyer of the school in the shape of an “M”. We sell stainless steel water bottles, bags and lanyards.

Carman Lewis Park: We have partnered with the Markham Lions Club to care for our adopted park, Carman Lewis Park, located near our school.

Sustainable Merchandise: We sell stainless steel water bottles and reusable bags with our school logo.


1. 4 Earth Hour Assemblies for grades 9-12
2. Received Green Apples Grant
3. Eco schools Certification (Gold)

2011-2012 Goals

We are currently planning our fourth annual Earth Hour 2012 Assembly for grades nine and ten and an Earth Day Assembly for grades eleven and twelve. We have invited Tom Rand, an environmental activist and entrepreneur as our speaker. This will be our first Earth Day Assembly and we are greatly looking forward to it! To connect these two assemblies, we are running a spirit campaign, “Go Green All Day Every Day”. This campaign is directed at raising enthusiasm for action towards climate change amongst the student body. We also hope to invite local organizations to set up booths in our front foyer and to organize a small “rally” for a local environmental issue we want in the spotlight.

Apart from this, we hope to encourage the use of stainless steel water bottles and littering, especially in the cafeteria. We also hope to takes some time to participate in tree plantings.

Contact us

We would love to partner with other environmental teams to coordinate events in our community! Feel free to send us an email at or to Vithusha Ganesh at

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