Eco Club


1. Increase ecological awareness throughout our school and community
2. Provide alternative uses for waste (i.e. milk bags, good on one side paper)
3. Work towards waste minimization and energy conservation

Events and Projects

1. Providing an alternative to plastic water bottles through Markville Stainless Steel  Water Bottles
2. Continue planting perennial, drought resistant flowers in front of our school (for aesthetics and study)
3. Earth Week Announcement Tips and Earth Hour
4. Articles in the Voice newspaper at Markville
5. Turn lights off posters
6. I pledge posters (to use Goos paper, to recycle, etc)


Grants: World Wildlife Fund Green CommUnity School Grant and Certified Management Accountants Proposal Winners

2009-2010: Eco schools certification – Silver

2010-2011: Eco schools certification – Gold

2011-2012 Goals

1. Purchasing a dual waste bin for outdoor use
2. Rain barrel sales for the community

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