Eco Team


  1. Be environmentally friendly and promote environmental friendliness
  2. Environmental Education (educate ourselves and others)  in and outside of school
  3. Fundraising for environmental purposes
  4. Help maintain eco-school status and achieve and even higher rating than the current silver rating!

Fundraising events and projects

  1. Litter and Local Environment Quality
    Water bottles Fundraising Project: The selling of stainless steel water bottles and other eco-friendly products in RGSS.
  2. Waste and Recycling
    Battery Recycling Project:  A battery recycling box is in the main hallway. Students empty the recycling bins at a designated venue e.g. Home Depot.
    Booklet Making Project: Using recycled paper; small booklets can be made and sold for fundraising for the environment.
    Clothing Drive Project: Students collect used clothing and donate for re-using and recycling.
    Paper Making Project/ Education: Students will make recycled paper to demonstrate the process of recycling.
    Recycling posters – Recycling posters are posted throughout the school
  3. Water
    Water Project: we hope to donate money that is fundraised towards a water pump via UNICEF or donate a gift of water again this year.
    Students make a display to educate others about water conservation.
  4. Energy
    Energy Conservation Project: Monitoring of energy use in the school, promotion of decreasing energy use. In past, funds raised through a grant were used to purchase a light sensor for main hallway.
  5. Transportation
    Carpooling and Busing Encouragement Project: students take school buses and buses to school. Environment Club will be advertising the advantages of shared transportation.
    Global Warming Awareness Project: By raising awareness about global warming and its link to transportation through a display booth and petition, it is hoped that greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced as the school community becomes more aware of our ecological footprint.
  6. Biodiversity
    Flower Pressing Project: Pressed flower cards, bookmarks, and card/bookmarks are made and Native Plants: A display about native plants will be put up for Environment Day as well as the passing out of native seeds. Seeds were donated by Acorus Restoration.
  7. General
    EcoSchools Certification Project: Working with energy team, students will research ways to become an EcoSchool, implement some methods, and monitor the school’s progress.

We’ve also hosted many “Eco-days” over the school years (e.g. Green Week in February, Earth Day in April, and Environment day in June and so on.)


2007-2008: World Wildlife Fund, Adoption of sea turtle and panda bear ($40 each)

2008-2009: UNICEF Water gifts to support 12 families ($200) and Ocean Voyages Institute to clean up plastic waste in waters ($10)

2009-2010: Toronto Zoo – adopted polar bear and tiger from Toronto Zoo; adopted Blue shark from WWF, and donated money to ocean projects

2010-2011: Toronto Zoo – donation made/ adoption renewal; WWF adopted snow leopard; UNICEF water pump/gift


2011-2012 Goals

New projects such as mural in school cafeteria, Pledge Tree, button making, and adopting another animal!



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